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Arik Air’s WINGS Magazine turns 5

With Emma Woodhouse, Editor-in-Chief of WINGS

With Emma Woodhouse, Editor-in-Chief of WINGS

In the Southern Sun Hotel in the residential island of Ikoyi in Lagos, WINGS Magazine held a reception to celebrate the 5th year existence of an excellent product.

WINGS Magazine is important for two reasons:

1. It raises the bar for quality in-flight magazines. It is the sort of magazine that everyone reads when on an Arik flight, and then takes home in order to save. Those who haven’t flown on Arik that quarter beg friends and colleagues to take a copy for them too. The quality comes from the beauty of the layout and pictures – it is coffee table quality, and also from the excellence of the content. Which raises point…

2. WINGS is a magazine that presents the ‘other’ Africa: the one not represented in news stories around the world; the one that we who live here experience; the one that African’s are (and should be) proud of; the one that is an equal participant in global development and trends.

If you don’t believe me, check it out here for a taste of the latest issue:

2 Responses to “Arik Air’s WINGS Magazine turns 5”

  1. Tayo Rockson says:

    Hola/Bonjour/Hi Diane!

    I absolutely love your blog and as a fellow TCK I just wanted to share my story with you and hopefully hear yours as well.

    I am Nigerian and as the son of a diplomat, I got to move around a lot. Four different continents and five different countries to be exact so when I came across the term TCK last year, a seed was planted in me to help build the next set of global leaders and I started to develop ideas on this. I am currently working on a few TCK projects and would be happy to talk more.


    • Hi Tayo and welcome to the mobile tribe (consciously at least). I believe that your time has come because there are many TCK Nigerians and most don’t know it. They struggle with being different and yet have so much to offer. Do let’s keep the conversation going!

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