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Diane Lemieux, is an award-winning Canadian/Dutch writer and journalist currently based in Lagos. Born in Quebec into a diplomatic family, she has lived and worked in ten countries around the world. She has a BA in Communication from the University of Ottawa in Canada, an MA in Development Studies from Leeds University in the UK, a postgraduate degree in International Relations from Amsterdam University in the Netherlands, and a diploma in journalism from Bath University in the UK. Diane has written books and articles on topics in the fields of intercultural communication, national diversity, and expatriate issues.  CultureSmart! Nigeria was published in 2011 and her latest, co-authored with Anne Parker, The Mobile Life: a new approach to moving anywhere, was published in 2013.

Comments about working with Diane

Harry Leliveld, Former director of the Van Leer Group Foundation and author of the book The Van Leer Entity 1987-2002: Preserving identity through change: “..this text would not have been written without Diane Lemieux who put all my endless tales and countless, not always coherent, thoughts to paper in an excellent manner. I admire how she has done so, in quite her own style and yet in a manner that I identify with entirely.”

Billy Allwood, Founder and Publisher “Diane’s understanding of both the Dutch and the international community in The Hague gives her articles a perceptiveness which our readers value.”

Bert van Essen Publisher Expat Journal:” We have worked with Diane on several projects and she has shown herself to be an experienced, reliable and creative writer and editor. Her contributions to and valuable suggestions for improving our book The Holland Handbook have been much appreciated.”

“Working with Diane has been a pleasure! I especially appreciated her ability to produce draft after draft based on an ongoing dialogue and an evolving perception of what the materials could and should achieve. She remained faithful to the material and to the people far away who had produced it but whom she had never met, stubbornly maintaining their voices through the editing process.” Shanti George.

Petry Kievit-Tyson, Policy Officer Netherlands Institute of Advanced Studies “Diane’s work is thorough, quick and considerate of the authors’ emotional attachment to their work. The scholars also appreciate her thoughtful peer-review comments. Her wide background means that she can work on diverse social science topics from the mythological origins of man and parental time use in Europe, to good governance in developing countries and the development of the States General in the Netherlands.”