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How do you build a life in a new country?

‘I never thought that I would live in another country,’ says Carolina de Souza, shaking her head. She and her partner Guilherme had good jobs at the same Brazilian online services and hosting company, and had just bought an apartment together. She had the life she had always dreamed of: the car, the nice clothes, the serious job in a large company… They had watched friends leave Brazil and move to Europe, giving them...

Climate shock: warming up to life at 4 degrees

I had a bit of a meltdown. Actually, given that it was on the third day of cycling in 4 degree Celsius weather, my reaction was more of a brain freeze than a melting of any sorts. I was on my way to the drycleaners with my husband’s suits when suddenly I thought ‘No!’ I squeezed the handbrakes and stopped even though the light was green and the person on the bike behind me swore and swerved. My fingers were numb inside...